In today’s economy, bargain often comes before quality. Happy Painters was
founded in 2017 with the mission of meeting our clients’ budgest without
compromising trust and quality. We joined 10 years of hands on experience in
the service industry to bring our clients our absolute best.

In a crowded market, gigification is the new normal. Company’s and
independent contractors have no choice but to play the “volume over margin”
game, likewise, in the search for the best price possible, customers become
overly dependent on platforms and apps with catchy names and millions in VC

What we offer to you, is trust and quality. Do you buy trust at the cheapest
price possible? How much are you willing to compromise quality? We know exactly
how much we invest in your trust. We also know exactly how much it costs us to
delivery you quality.  

So, if you put trust and quality ahead of price, reach out to us for a free